Szary Associates-Counselling and Psychological Therapies:
Cardiff, Bristol and Penarth

Purpose and mission

We work with individuals, couples, family groups, children and adolescents.

Our purpose is to enable you to make a difference in your life, no matter how complex your problems are.

Often concerns or worries may feel overwhelming and have an impact on a number of areas within a person's life.

We help with personal, social, educational, health or work related parts of your life, to overcome problems, identify positive outcomes and achieve success.

Our mission is to offer Counselling Services to the highest professional standards. In order to achieve this we can call, as required, upon the skills of a range of appropriately experienced and qualified practitioners.

We recognise that the needs, wishes and feelings of each of our clients are unique. Making the choice of counsellor is an important one and you should be confident and comfortable that the counsellor understands and can respond to your individual needs and requirements.

We provide a flexible Counselling and Psychological Therapy service through a number of clinics in Cardiff, Bristol, and Penarth.

We offer a free telephone consultation to assist you in your decision about choice of Counsellor. If you decide that you wish us to work with you then we guarantee that following our methods will help you to make a difference in your life.

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