Szary Associates Case Studies / Testimonials

Case Study #1

Mr C from Caerphilly came to Szary Associates because of depression and, family issues. He had been off work nine weeks. Mr C also had significant financial problems and felt overwhelmed and “stuck in a rut”. Mr C felt without drive or motivation to attempt any change in his life. He and his wife were unable to agree how to solve their problems. Mr C had two adult sons living at home who were a major financial drain on the household. Mr C had received other counselling two years previously. He had felt listened to at the time, but no lasting change had been achieved.

Through a series of sessions, Mr C was enabled to believe that change is possible, be able to identify goals, then find how to agree a plan with the other significant people in life, and be able to put the plan into action in his life and with his family.

Four months later Mr C made the following remarks:

“When I first came to see you, I didn't believe that counselling would be able to help me. You helped me to see how I could make changes and carry them out. You have turned my life around.”

Comment: These changes were made over a period of two months, resolving problems of several years which had impacted upon all aspects of Mr C's life. He was able to return to work with renewed confidence, and with a much improved family relationship.


Case Study #2

Mrs S came to Szary Associates because of stress at work and family problems. Mrs S had a demanding job, and was used to achieving high standards both at work and at home. Mrs S had two young children under school age, and older relatives who had recently experienced significant health issues. Her husband had recently been promoted at work. Mrs S was losing concentration and confidence in a demanding job where mistakes were not acceptable. She had been placed on sick leave. She was also finding it difficult to give appropriate attention to the needs of her children.

Mrs S was supported to identify what is important in life, and through a series of questions clarify which problems are within your control and be realistic about the problems outside of her control and deal with the emotions associated with these problems. This then enabled her to find ways of increasing confidence in managing the stress in life . She was then able to plan and carry out agreed actions.

In a letter two months after the final session Mrs S wrote: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all your help in getting my life back in order. Your professional and practical advice together with your boxes of tissues have been my saving grace. Thank you so much, I am really enjoying my new life, keep up the excellent work.

Comment: These changes were achieved over a period of three one hour sessions. She was able to access the resources which she needed to resolve her problems, and maintain those changes after therapy had finished.


Case History #3

Mr F from Cardiff came to Szary associates because of Psychosexual dysfunction and relationship problems. Following separation and divorce, Mr F was unable to maintain an erection in his new relationship. This was causing him extreme anxiety and distress.

A series of sessions included an assessment of past empotional issues connecting to the present problem . Mr F was enabled to focus upon the present and the future . This enabled him to successfully let go of the past. These sessions enabled him to regain confidence and resolve performance issues.

Four months after the final session, Mr F commented: “I was confused and sceptical initially. I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel, and I needed to consult with someone. It turned things round quickly, in particular, stopping looking back. From then on, my life has improved leaps and bounds.”

Comment: this work was over a period of seven sessions, and required a sensitive approach to Mr F's personal problems. Sexual dysfunction is frequently related to emotional difficulties, and resolution of those led to improvement in this area of
Mr F's life.

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