Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bristol, Cardiff and Penarth

Szary Associates offer counselling, psychological therapy and other therapeutic methods to assist in resolving a range of problems including anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. Techniques drawn from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and NLP are powerful means of resolving such problems.

Successful therapy requires a high level of expertise on the part of the therapist, and commitment on the part of the client. Research into effectiveness of Counselling and Psychotherapy indicates that achieving a “Therapeutic Alliance” is essential to effective therapy.

Therapy therefore depends upon achieving such a relationship, and the application of appropriate techniques. Lasting change also comes from clients' actions carried out outside of the therapy room as well as within it.

As appropriate, clients are given tasks to complete between sessions. Your motivation and commitment to completing tasks is therefore a key element to success. Our commitment is to support you to undertake these tasks.

Find out more about a programme and the nature of tasks set by reading the case study “Dental Fears” written by a client.

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