Hypnotherapy in Cardiff, Bristol and Penarth

Hypnotherapy is a rapid effective intervention for many problem areas, including pain control, fears, phobias ,and lack of confidence. Some are naturally sceptical of its effects, as many myths surround it. However The British Psychological Society has produced a report: ”The Nature of Hypnosis” which identifies the value of hypnosis and appropriate areas for hypnosis.

The nature of hypnosis is that it is an interaction between “one person, "The Hypnotist" and another person, the “Subject”. The aim of hypnosis is to assist the subject to be able to access partsl of your past experiences, both conscious and unconscious, via trance states to engage all of your personal resources and learning. A trance is a is a naturally occurring state, of increased relaxation, where your focus is directed inwardly.

The distinction between conscious and unconscious is often unclear. Psychology indicates that we can only consciously pay attention to a limited amount of information at any one time. It is the case that we are not consciously aware of much of our experience at any one time. Our attention can be focussed through hypnosis, to bring certain portions of our experience into conscious awareness, while also if and as necessary by hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is used alongside our other approaches including NLP CBY and Psychology in order to increase effectiveness. Any person can be hypnotised, however the nature of Hypnotherapy is such that a client actively chooses and co-operates with this approach.

Szary Associates is affiliated to the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, established to provide a hallmark of good practice within Hypnotherapy. See the website for further information on hypnotherapy and its uses.

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