Coaching for Success in Cardiff, Bristol and Penarth

Szary Associates utilises Coaching psychology to help assist you to identify and achieve success. This can be applied to different areas of activities, including personal development, and performance development. Performance development can be applied to activities including sport, relationship, or work related activities. Sports Psychotherapy is also available to assist sports people to overcome barriers and achieve specific goals.

Utilisation of coaching psychology means that we are able to draw upon a wide body of knowledge to assist you as effectively as possible. Gerard Szary is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, and is also a member of the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology.

Coaching entails setting outcome goals; ”What I want to achieve”: and process goals: “ How I will achieve this”. Coaching is about assisting you to take action towards your goals, and the receiving feedback on your actions.

Coaching also addresses other issues such as motivation, competence and confidence in performance, and effective questioning. Within the context of management coaching, it also includes recognising the coachee‘s readiness to undertake a particular task, in terms of both their will and skill.

The purpose of coaching is for the coachee to help her- or himself. It is a dynamic interaction, it does not rely on a one way flow of you being told or instructed. A series of up to six sessions are agreed and scheduled, and are completed either by telephone or face to face coaching.

Coaching is part of a continuum of services. Some individuals enter therapy to resolve deep seated personal problems. They then move on to seek changes in aspects of their performance or development which are more suitable to coaching. It is a case of fitting the intervention to the client/coachee, rather than expecting the client to fit to the intervention.

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