Psychology in Bristol, Cardiff and Penarth

Psychology is used in assessment of a range of problems in order to gather the most appropriate information to plan and evaluate interventions in complex and involved problems. This can involve cases in criminal and civil courts , including internet offending. Szary Associates have Expert Witness status, and use a range of
Psychometric tests to help clients to understand their problems and make informed choices about interventions.

Assessment of Post Traumatic Stress, Anger issues ,personality issues , and behaviour issues is undertaken. Often clients have a number of interacting problems and a psychological approach assists in obtaining a methodical and systematic
understanding of the information at hand. We utilise combined experience of our Associates to assist adults, children, and young people to obtain a reliable and
understandable explanation or diagnosis of the nature of their problems.

Assessments usually involve two associates. This increases the reliability and accuracy of our work, as it does not depend simply on the viewpoint of one person. Human beings are able to perceive depth and perspective in their eyesight because they have two eyes. Szary associates bring depth and perspective to your problems through our combined expertise.

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