How we Help You Achieve Change in Cardiff, Bristol and Penarth

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is one of the main methods used by Szary Associates to assist us to achieve change. NLP began in the 1970s from research on the patterns of behaviour which effective therapists used to achieve change. It became evident quickly that it could be used as a method of assessing and improving behaviour and performance in a much wider context. Therefore by the late 1970s it was being applied in the fields of education, sales, management sports and music.

The use of NLP has continued to spread widely, because it is remarkably effective. Significant change that took months or years to achieve through traditional methods can be made in a much shorter period of time with NLP.

Szary Associates Counsellors offer Counselling Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Hypnotherapy in Cardiff Bristol and Penarth, across a range of problems: anger management, couple and family counselling, depression and anxiety, fears and phobias, pain control, work related problems, and sexual problems. Also we help improve performance in sport music exams, driving, or work related skills such as presentation making.

At the beginning of any counselling or psychotherapy programme, clients have varying degrees of certainty about their problem and the outcome they are seeking. Some are very clear about what they want, and wish to have a clear path with feedback on their progress. Other clients know what they do not want, but are not sure of their direction. Some problems are complex and unclear, crossing many of the areas outlined above.

Successful counselling and therapy is based upon gathering the best quality information to achieve a case formulation, establish agreed outcomes, and set an appropriate direction for change.

Szary Associates draw upon a range of assessment skills and tools to gather information efficiently and effectively. Consultation with clients is a key part of this process. We use psychometric tests which give objective information to inform decision making and evaluate the effectiveness of counselling interventions.

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